Tami Muller

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“If only I could lose those twenty pounds, I would be one happy person.” What a powerful, universal message this statement represents! It is, of course, a metaphor for everything that prevents us from attaining happiness (a dream job, the perfect partner, or, well, even losing those elusive and literal twenty pounds).

How to be on a Diet for 45 Years and Never Be Thin: A Practical Guide to a Happier Life, represents a personal, fresh outlook on the universal theme of why our happiness doesn’t depend on anything or anyone external, but rather within us, in our gratitude that there, we have all that we need. In the sixteen chapters of my book, I interweave my personal stories of attempting to chase happiness (including weight loss!) with the principles of positive psychology I have cultivated and espoused over the past many decades in order to illustrate, in a fun and instructive way, how—as we all know but too often forget—the perfect is indeed the enemy of the good.

Brilliant, funny and inspirational. Tami Muller gives us a powerful gift, bridging storytelling and research, deep ideas and life changing practical tools.

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar Author of The New York Times best seller Happier.

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