Tami Muller

Lectures and Workshops

Don’t Weight for Happiness

“If only I could lose those twenty pounds, I would be one happy person.” What a powerful, universal message this statement represents! It is, of course, a metaphor for everything that prevents us from attaining happiness:

  • When I land my dream job
  • When I finally retire comfortably
  • When I win a marathon/triathlon/Iron Man
  • When my kid gets to Harvard
  • When I buy that vacation home on the beach
  • When I find love

Sound familiar?

Many studies reveal the opposite relationship between happiness and success: happiness leads to success! The problem is that we are waiting for a big external event that will finally make us happy. And meanwhile, the years just slip by.

Come share with me the understanding that happiness does not depend on our weight, love life or the size of our bank account I will share my Star model for happier living together with a series of practical tools that you can take home with you and start using today to increase your happiness.

תמי מילר אושר

Positive Psychology and the science of happiness at work

Why invest in happy employees?

What does happiness mean?

What makes a happy employee?


Join me to explore the SPIRE model developed by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar and the Academy of Happiness Studies that deals with spiritual, physical, intellectual, interpersonal and emotional well-being, as well as its unique applications in the work environment. Participants will leave with more empathy, more confidence, and with a set of practical tools to improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

Happiness for the Third Age

Studies show that happy people are healthier, enjoy better relationships with friends and family, and even live longer!

Join me to learn how you can discover happiness and well-being at any age and in any family situation. We will learn research-based tools that can be easily applied and develop a daily activity to achieve a more fulfilling and happy life full of vitality – in the third age and beyond!

​ Positive Psychology Sales

Great salespeople don’t sell – they make the customer buy!

Contrary to what we were taught, the classic “tools of the trade” no longer work.

Gimmicks such as: small talk, polished presentations, closing techniques, overcoming objections,

Scripted calls, discounts and “special offers” just don’t belong in today’s business world anymore.

Join me with your sales team when I combine 30 years of sales management with my training in positive psychology to explore the Model of Influence – a breakthrough result oriented approach combining tools from positive psychology and the science of happiness.

Participants will receive practical tools that have been proven to increase sales such as:

  • Active listening
  • Assessment and asking the right questions.
  • Mindfulness and non-judgmental approach
  • Building on strengths
  • Focusing on customer benefits


Tremendous positivity and encouragement to help you unlock what was already in you. I feel more motivated and positive no matter what the situation. Thank you Tami for helping me find my own tools!
R. Gil
"I owe a debt of gratitude to Tami for opening my eyes, softening my heart and helping me shift my perception away from the righteous and stern that I have lately become. “Focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses, lets explore what works in your life” She showed me how to take challenges one step at a time, set goals reach them and continue. now I’m enjoying a life with patience compassion ,love, humor and wisdom. She showed me the way and I’m forever grateful."
Y. Aloni
"My coaching sessions with Tami caused a major breakthrough for me. Her depth, focus, intuition and direction combined with her energy and humor conquered me completely. With her help I remind myself of the permission to be human every day, to forgive myself, smile and finally love myself."
S. Landau
Tami has a special listening ability, attention to detail, patience, wisdom and great knowledge. She created a safe and calm space for me to dwell in and develop my thoughts. She brings her knowledge from other professional fields such as business administration, finance and marketing that are truly invaluable. Thank you Tami for unlocking what I always had in me but just couldn’t find!
O. Schreiber
"I started my coaching sessions with Tami with the only clarity about what it is that I don’t want to do – after all I did it for 25 years. Slowly, step by step, we untangled my experience, discussed my strengths and my passions and crafted a meaning and purpose in my professional life. Today I find myself loving what I’m doing and enjoying so many aspects of my life as if I live in a different universe. Such happiness!"
S. Adler